Hello there, in this post we are going to see about how to setup your free billing software for retail shop. Let’s start straight in and do it in 5 minutes with 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Download

Download your free billing software from https://superbilling.in/free-download. You can see the features of you free billing for retail shop at Free billing software for retail shop – Super billing

Click on the Download for free button as shown in the below page

Free billing software for retail shop download
Free download page

You can also follow the video instructions here https://youtu.be/Ua4PtXEq_ZI

Video instructions to download, install and setup Super billing- Free billing software
Step 2: Sign up and Installation

After you have download the zip file, extract the file and run SuperBillingSetup.exe file. If you get a blue screen click on more info and click Run Anyway as shown in the images below

After that, you get an installation window and ask your sign up details Email address and phone number, provide your details and click next

Sign up – Provide your email address and phone number and click Next

In the next screen enter the OTP sent to your phone yo verify. If you do not receive the OTP click resend which will be enabled after a minute.

Verification – Enter the OTP sent to your phone number

After you have entered the correct OTP, billing software will begin downloading and after download has finished, it will be installed on your desktop computer.

Download and Install – Billing software will download and install
Step 3: First time setup

Billing software will start automatically after installation is complete and will display a Initial setup screen. On that screen click on Proceed to Setup button.

Click on Proceed to Setup button

After you click the Proceed to Setup button, you will get a Edit company details screen to fill in your business details. If you don’t have all your details handy no problem you can change this later always. Click on Next

Fill in your business details, if you do not have all details you leave it as blank and change this later

After clicking Next you will get Printing settings screen. choose your printer, template, footer text like ‘Thank you. Visit again’, terms. For retail shop if you have POS printer choose Template80mm on Sales invoice template

Select your printer, sales invoice template, footer text, terms and Click on Next

After clicking Next, you will get financial year settings screen. Type a financial year name and choose starting and ending date of the financial year and click on Next

Financial year – Select financial year dates and click on next

The next add user screen will be displayed, enter the username and password to login to the software. Mobile number and email address is used to reset your password if you forget it.

Add user – to access the software, click Next after entering the details

In the next step, your license details will be fetched and if you are connected to the internet your billing software will register it.

Registration – billing software will be registered automatically

Now the first time setup of the software is complete and you will get the Setup complete screen. Click on Run the software

Registration and first time setup complete – Click on Run the software
Step 4: Login to the software

After Run the software button is clicked, your free billing software will load and start. After it has loaded, Login screen will be displayed. Enter the username and password that you have given on setup and click Login.

Login – Enter username and password that you gave while setup

After successful login, dashboard or home will displayed with vital sale, purchase, expenses, accounts and product information in a nutshell.


Voila, you have successfully downloaded, installed, completed setup of your free billing software. Now you can invoice, add products, add customers and see business reports etc,.,. To know more how to use the software you watch super billing videos on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTqLU1Y6XB1QoSbIcFpxZBA

Step 5: Barcode for your products

Barcodes are very important in a retail shop and our billing software for retail shop supports barcode generation, printing and scanning.

Barcode generation: To generate barcode, click on settings from the left menu and click on Print and scroll down to view the barcode settings

Click on Settings from the left menu
Click on Print
Scroll down to find Barcode generation

In barcode generation, there are two types:

  1. Sequential: Barcode will be generated for products you add in a sequence starting from 1.
  2. Random: A random number will be generated as a barcode while you are adding the product
  3. Your barcode: Regardless of this settings, you can also enter the products barcode found in the package or enter your own barcode while adding a product

Prefix: You can add a prefix to the generated barcode. For example if the prefix is SB and the barcode is 002, the final output of the barcode will be SB002

Digits: In digits you can provide how many length your barcode should be. It you need a 6 digit barcode then enter 6. Your barcode will have 6 digits. For example if 2 is your next barcode then it will be displayed as 000002

Suffix: Like prefix, you can add a suffix to the barcode. For example if you enter suffix as NG the barcode will be displayed as 002NG and with suffix and prefix it will be displayed as SB001NG and with 6 digits, it will be displayed as SB000002NG

These settings will apply to only Sequential generation type

Barcode settings

Barcode printing: After generating and adding your barcodes, you have to print the barcodes if your retail shop sticks a sticker on every product displaying the product name, price and barcode. You can also follow a video instruction for barcode printing below

Printing barcode for your products

To print the barcodes from Home click on Products from the left menu

Click on Products from the left menu

Then in Products screen displayed, below there will many buttons click on Print barcode button

Click on Print barcode button

A Print barcode screen will be displayed. In this screen a list of all your products will be displayed. For every product there will be a checkbox displayed, click that checkbox if you need yo print barcode for that product. To change quantity double click on quantity number and type in your quantity or number of labels you need for that product

Then below the list, select a template to print barcode. If you do not have any template you can request a barcode template design and we will design a template for you according to your label size.

After selecting the template, choose your barcode printer and click on Print barcode

Click on Print barcode to print barcodes on selected template and printer

You can also click PrintA4 110L button to print barcode on ready made sticker. If you have another size, we will design you the A4 template.

After you clicked on Print barcode your barcodes will be printed, sample printed barcodes are shown below

Sample barcodes printed

Next, lets out this barcode to the test by scanning it on an invoice screen. As soon as the barcode is scanned the product associated with the scanned barcode will be displayed and added to the invoice according to your settings.

Finally, we have completed the setup of your billing software for retail shop 🙂

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