The questions that comes to all business owners regarding a billing software is,

Why you need a billing software ?

Why you need to pay this much money to a billing software?

These questions are in your mind before you buy a billing software. Let’s address this issues in detail now, let’s start from the first questions why you need a billing software ?

Why you need a billing software ?

Without a billing software , it is very difficult to maintain stock and inventory of your products and track their purchase and sale prices.

It is difficult to manage accounts, whether it is a customer account, dealer account or employee account, Amount payables , receivables, ledger, amount paid, received and all that.

You can remember what product sold very well last month, last year at this time so you can buy those products and stock them ahead to improve your sales and plan your purchases.

Do you wonder why you don’t get sales or improve your sales? If yes, it is because you do not have enough data to take business decisions that will improve your sales and profit. The decision should be made according to your data, because data will never lie to you.

To store and access this critical and import business data you need a system which can solve this problem to you. There comes a billing software.

For each sale, purchase, cash, bank and all activities, the billing software saves your transactions that you can view later and take decisions based on that.

Imagine if you are doing an expense and not saving it anywhere, how could you track and know whether it is useful or not?

Billing software will be used to record all your expenses, amount paid, received from customers and dealers and makes sure your are on right track.

why you need a billing software

It is very difficult for you know what is making your business grow or fall without any data. Don’t take decisions by assumptions , take decisions based on data and that’s why you need a billing software.

Why you need to pay this much money to a billing software?

I think you agree with above points mentioned on why you need a billing software. And after that you think why you need to pay this much money to get this software?.

Billing software’s do not really cost that much, it just costs very very tiny fraction of your sales. Let’s take our billing software, Super billing it’s Lifetime plan plan costs only Rs.3200 as of today.

You can get the updated price here

If you calculate for year, it is around your monthly recharge amount and if you calculate it for more than a year, like two or three years it is very less than that.

The cost involves on developing the software, maintain the software by providing updates and to support you, if you have got any problems using the billing software and a small profit 🙂 .

The billing software will keep on updating and adding new features and features that you request to be available.

You can check on Super billing features here .

If you are willing to pay this small cost, you get massive results in sales and profits. We, at Super billing only charge a One time fee to install the billing software in your computer and we also provide a free version. We provide Lifetime license, lifetime support and lifetime updates and multiple devices support on our Lifetime plus plan.

You can also view our demo videos on YouTube Super billing – Free billing software – YouTube

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