Free billing software with GST for small business

Receivables, payables, stock, accounting and more… as easy as it gets. Simple billing software that anyone can use

free billing software

Informative Dashboard

Get your sales, purchase, expenses, cash in hand, product stock status all in one place at your dashboard as soon as you log in to our free billing software

Barcode support

Scan the products barcode for faster billing, generate barcode for your products and print barcodes with our free billing software

Serial No or IMEI number management

Manage your products serial number which can be used to identify the product and for warranty claims. IMEI numbers can be used if your selling mobile devices

GST reports

Generate GSTR 1, GSTR 3B, GSTR 9 reports from our free GST billing software and export it to a excel file, to make GST returns easier

Batch code management

Sell and purchase your products on batch with our easy to use batch code management, set batch price, quantity to a batch code

Expiry date management

Manage expiry date for your products along with its batch code, this is useful if you sell products which expire like foods or medicines etc,.,

A billing software is necessary for all business to generate invoice to customers, maintain accounts, calculate profit and loss, maintain product stock and inventory, view business reports, manage expenses, employees and more very easy

We have free plan, you can download and install it for free and checkout whether it is according to your preference else you can contact us at any time if you need any help. And also we do have a 14-day money back guarantee*

Every small businesses use software like super billing to improve their business performance and to maintain account, bills, expense, employees with ease

Yes, of course you can. Request a feature you need and we will develop that feature and release it as an update as soon as possible, that’s why we constantly provide updates to improve our software

Yes, you can absolutely use our software in all your shops and sync data across all the shops or branches you have. If you buy our Lifetime plus license, you do not need to get new license for your other shops

Support is provided by email, WhatsApp, live chat , remote connecion

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